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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Today's Engines and Proper Oil Changes - Kennesaw Auto Center

Today’s Engines and Proper Oil Changes Engines today are more powerful and efficient than ever. Their complexity is being driven by decreased emission output and increasing fuel economy standards. As a result new technologies had to be developed and implemented to meet these stringent standards. With these new technologies the engine lubrication system had to advance as well as the quality of the oils to keep these new systems properly lubricated. I will go over a few of these technologies that have impacted engine design. The first is GDI or Gasoline Direct Injection. This new fuel system technology has changed the way fuel is delivered to the engine by directly injecting it into the cylinders at a very high pressure and not at the back of the intake valves with older designs you may have seen in gasoline or fuel system additive commercials on TV. Since fuel is not being injected at the back of the intake valves they may build up with carbon that will ... read more


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