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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Today's Automotive Brake Systems - Kennesaw Auto Center

Today’s Automotive Brake Systems The braking system in today’s automobile like many other systems that I have written recently about have advanced tenfold. System basics have not changed much as we are still using hydraulically operated calipers and wheel cylinders to either squeeze brake pads against a spinning rotor or push brake shoes against the inside of a spinning drum until the vehicle slows down and comes to a stop Where the advancements have come is in the area of electronics and integration of the braking system into other systems such as ESC systems (Electronic Stability Control), Crash Avoidance Systems, Automatic Cruise Control and even Wind Stabilization Systems for some of the larger passenger and work vans hitting the market. Most drivers are familiar with the ABS (Automatic Braking System) but, most have very little insight as to its operation other than the yellow or red ABS light coming on in the dash when the vehicle is started and hopefully ... read more


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